Free Glass Textures

Frosted, cracked, and stained glass texture photos

Glass may not seem like the best surface to find a texture. Most glass surfaces are smooth and clear, or a slight shade of green. So these photos are mostly colored or frosted glass. Some are stained glass designs, which tend to be more colorful and busy. Good glass textures are great for graphic design use, but can be harder to find, so this gallery will probably be updated less often than others.
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  • frosted glass texture background wallpaper water frost textured surface stock image
  • Glass Texture pearlescent shine tile wall metallic surface photo blue orange
  • Chipped Glass Texture counter surface green cracked broken
  • stained glass texture stock photo purple window frosted flower
  • Dark Glass Texture stained lamp glow grunge cracked
  • Glass Texture tile wall orange blue tiling backsplash colored
  • perspective glass texture matrix hole stock photo green white blue door
  • Glass Texture color strip collage tileing chipped rainbow surface
  • Glass Texture lamp backlit glowing stained grungy tiled amber yellow
  • Glass Texture stained lamp window amber yellow glowing section
  • Green Cracked Glass Texture stock background wallpaper broken image shattered
  • Red Cracked Glass Texture wallpaper background dark broken shattered
  • stained glass texture leaf yellow red stock photo lamp shade
  • stained glass texture photo celtic knot stock image green irish

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