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A Practical Guide to Real Estate Photography Prices

How would you like to sell your home for more than $11,000 over the asking price? According to Redfin, houses that use professional real estate photography sell faster and for a higher price than those that don’t. If you are looking to sell your home, read on to learn the truth about real estate photography costs. How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost? Like most things in life, the answer is it depends. On average, you should budget $100 to […]


Top 3 Best Photography Lenses You Should Be Using

Do you reach for your smartphone or digital camera to capture the world around you? If you said “smartphone,” you’re in good company. While more people are buying smartphones than cameras these days, there’s nothing that can replace a high-quality DSLR. If you have a DSLR or plan on buying one, you’ll want to invest in the top camera lenses to up your game. Plus, you want to prove all those digital camera deniers wrong, right?  Keep reading to find our picks […]

7 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

Do you remember when being interested in photography meant carrying bulky equipment with you? Now, everyone can take great photos with the newer generation of smartphones. Yet, you’ll notice that many snapshots taken by mobile phones don’t have that “oomph” factor. The lower quality of the pictures is partly because of the camera’s limitations.  However, you can take excellent photos with your Android or iOS device by following these seven tips. 1. Getting the Right Exposure Is Essential Many users […]


4 Cool Tips for Making Video From Photos

So you just took a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the world, and you want to show all of your friends. You have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos from your phone and your camera. How do you share your experience with the world without dumping a ton of photos on everyone? Videos are a great way to share experiences, whether it’s a global journey, a wedding, or simply a weekend getaway with your friends. And thanks to technology, making video from photos […]

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9 Bad Logo Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

In the digital age, it has become more important ever for businesses to quickly and clearly establish their message and brand. An effective logo can serve this purpose perfectly, as it can communicate a businesses brand almost instantly. The key factor is that it needs to be an effective logo, and not all logos are. In fact, there are many different mistakes that can be made in designing a logo. It is important to understand these mistakes, in order to […]

Should innovative technologies and methods of teaching replace traditional approaches?

The world lives in an era of great changes. Moreover, today those people who know how to be flexible are far more successful. Therefore, at the present stage, technology and science, used 10-15 years ago to train students, are no longer entirely relevant. Innovations are needed in all areas of human life, especially in education. Innovation activity is one of the basic concepts of modern pedagogy, which studies the processes of school development related to the creation of a new […]


Create Breath-Taking Pictures: The Ultimate Guide to Weed Photography

More than 33 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have passed laws legalizing marijuana in some form. This means that the cannabis industry is growing in the U.S. Cashing in on new opportunities now is a great way to get a leg up on this expanding, popular industry. One great way to get involved is through photography. Weed photography is not only popular on Instagram, but also for businesses in the industry looking to showcase their plants and […]

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What a Beautiful Site: 10 Important Web Design Elements Every Site Needs

Every business owner knows a company website is an integral part of a company’s success. However, what you might not know is that web design elements are more powerful than site content in establishing a trusting relationship with the viewer. In a study conducted to better understand what makes audiences trust websites, researchers asked viewers to pinpoint where their mistrust stemmed from. Roughly 94% of the feedback they received pointed to design elements instead of content. So what elements are […]


A Website Is More Than Just Design! Your Guide to Web Designing and Programming

A great website is a marriage between web designing and programming. Both have to be working in sync to deliver a top user experience. Website users are fickle. They expect a website to look sharp and run smoothly. If it doesn’t, they will go away and go to another site to get the information they need. As a website developer, you need to know both to create a website that people will love. Here’s what you need to know about […]


Top 5 Best Photo Paper Options for Professional Prints in 2020

Worldwide, global printing is an $898 billion industry. With a wide variety of photo papers to choose from, it may be hard for professional photographers to pick one that meets their needs. If you’re a professional photographer or a graphic designer looking for the best photo paper for your printing project, keep reading. We’ve gathered a list of the five best photo printing papers. 1. Kirkland Signature Despite its low cost, Kirkland Signature offers a high-quality photo paper that competes with the best. For […]