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TextureX.com was created more than six years ago to be the primary resource for artists, photographers, game developers, and graphic designers alike to find the best textures available on the market. We like to upload fresh designs and high quality, high-resolution images of different textures and graphic elements alike, fairly often. We hope you like these free and premium textures provided by TextureX.com. You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background, please attribute them to TextureX.com. We would love to hear from you.

The free resolution images found in TextureX.com are offered free to use (with attribution) for personal application, the premium resolution images can be used for commercial applications as per the license rules (without attribution). You may not sell or claim ownership of unmodified images or textures, individual or in packs. All free content and images remain the property of TextureX.com. Please make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective.

Photography and digital images have become the art of our time. Nowadays, it is indeed very easy to capture every special moment, breathtaking views and beautiful people with the use of great cameras plus the power of editing software. When it comes to giving tips, tricks, and even sample, TextureX is a pro to that! Other than providing you with the most magnificent guides and pointers in photography, we also offer free resolution images that you use for any personal application, the premium resolution images can be used for commercial application. We hope you will love these free and premium textures that we prepared for you. You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background.

The art of photography

The art of photography is indeed very interesting. Although it may look like an easy task, coming up with a great, meaningful, and a photo that speaks for itself is very challenging. That is why here at TextureX, we do our best to help you in the best way we can, through guides and tips. Photography truly inspires many people in the world, from capturing the most memorable events to capturing beautiful images of their loved ones, photography never disappoints in becoming a true inspirational form of art. One very inspirational and helpful blog when it comes to the art of photography is Ted Forbes’ The Art of Photography.

More than just beautiful images

In this blog, we offer so much more than just images, textures, and designs. We also bring you reliable guides, inspirations, and effective tips and tricks. We also write inspirational posts that can help you when it comes to starting or even improving your skills and artistry. When it comes to photography and graphic design, TextureX surely has good stuff to offer. You’ll get everything you need for your photography and designing, that is totally guaranteed.

Tips, tricks, and inspiration

Taking good photographs is indeed a talent and skill, but if you read the right guides and learn some great tips and tricks, you might get a good shot at photography. Here at TextureX, other than providing brilliant images and textures that you can use for free, we also offer you guides and tips and tricks when it comes to taking the best photos. In this blog, we also aim to inspire you when it comes to events, outdoor, documentary photography and many more. If you love to use people as your photography subject, we’ve got something for that too! Even beginners will enjoy our set of guides that are very simple and easy to follow. When it comes to design inspirations and color scheming, we also are here to help you. Surely every tips, tricks, and guide in this blog will be able to help every artist out there.

The TextureX team would never want to cease in inspiring other photographers, artists, and designers who have been working hard to produce excellent quality photos and media design. When it comes to photography, designs, themes, we have prepared a set of inspiration and tips for you. Tons of useful tips are also available for you to read and learn from. We have prepared all of these from our hearts and creative minds to help you, inspire you, and make art a lot more fun and inspiring for you.

Photography enthusiasts and designers who aim to inspire

At TextureX, we are a team of passionate photographers, artists, and designers, who have and share a true passion for the arts and photography. We started with a goal to provide helpful and interesting content. We desire to help our fellow artists, photographers, and graphic designers, by presenting and offering the best free and premium resources and wonderful images online, as well as give you different helpful tips and tricks, and inspirational guides for you! TextureX is a blog made for designers and photographers.  Our team aims to collect, explore and share tips, inspirational roundups, tutorials, tools, and so much more just for you!

If you have questions or want to contact us directly, you can do so via e-mail at [email protected] or you can contact Daniel Howards directly at [email protected].