Free Ground Textures

Ground, dirt, sand, rock, and concrete textures

Often sporting earthy colors, these ground textures use all types of surfaces. 

They may look bland, but these textures are great for use in 3d design, level modeling, graphic design, or a desktop wallpaper. Taken from beaches, foot paths, and roads. There is a variety of ground surfaces from both nature, and the concrete jungle

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  • Rippled sand texture ground surface beach stock photo
  • Dirt groiund texture flath foot path rocky floor stock photo
  • ground texture animal track brown dirt rock path outdoor design photo
  • Ground texture rubber playground surface green black pieces plastic
  • Ground texture beach wet rocks colorful smooth stones wallpaper
  • Sand texture clean ground surface photo dirt wallpaper stock
  • Ground texture sand surface brown beach dusty 3d design image
  • Ground texture rocks close up beach surface level design
  • Sand texture rippled black beige wallpaper photo beach design
  • Ground texture beach rocks smooth light stones 3d design
  • Sand ground texture grey light sandy beach stock photo
  • Ground texture chipped wood bark rock path graphic design
  • Ground texture chipped bark plant matter desktop wallpaper
  • ground texture sand 3d design resource sandy brown surface
  • Ground texture dirt flat footprint sandy pebble grunge road path
  • ground texture rocky sand beach wallpaper stock photo
  • Ground texture ripples sand clean design wallpaper photo
  • ground texture sand rock beach environment modeling wallpaper
  • beach texture ground sand dune perspective photo

We hope you like these free textures provided by You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. We would love to hear from you. email us at