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» Free Metal Textures

Brushed, polished, rusted, and studded metal texture photos

Metal textures come in many forms. From a clean brushed look, to rusty and grungy. Few images provide the modern, edgy look that you get from a nice brushed steel, or a silver metal grate. Great for web design, or a simple desktop background.

On the other hand a beat up, scratched texture may be perfect for 3d modeling and game level design. Feel free to use these textures in any design project, we hope you enjoy.


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  • TextureX Aluminum Silver Hole Metal Circle Steel Stock Texture
  • TextureX Brushed Aluminum Metal Stock Aluminium Texture
  • TextureX Brushed Dark Steel Metal Stock Texture
  • TextureX steel texture shiney piece metal silver camo pattern Texture
  • TextureX Brushed Silver Steel Metal Stock Texture
  • TextureX Brushed Spin Aluminum Metal Texture Stock Texture
  • textureX Brushed Titanium Aluminum Silver Metal Stock Texture
  • TextureX Metal Dizzy copper circle Hole Texture
  • TextureX Brushed Golden Metal Photo Stock Texture
  • TextureX Metal grate dirty iron plate steel thatched grunge Texture
  • brushed steal metal texture dark steel wall photo cold black
  • aluminum brushed metal texture polished wall surface stock photo
  • shiney copper metal texture pitted bowl water drop wallpaper
  • galvanized metal texture steel plate high resolution wallpaper
  • brushed silver metal texture tile surface clean aluminum surface stock photo
  • TextureX rusty metal texture thick deposit oxidize steel iron Texture
  • TextureX metal rust grunge iron steel rough rusty dirty city Texture
  • metal bar texture grill pole stainless steel shine stock photo
  • diamond plate metal texture dirty grunge steel high resolution photo
  • TextureX metal rusty rust iron steel grafitti scratch city Texture
  • metal texture hole dusty stock photo wallpaper grey
  • metal art texture color brushed polished abtract colorful metallic
  • rippled metal texture aluminum wall plating stock wallpaper
  • dark brushed metal texture steel black stock photo scratch wallpaper
  • wavy metal texture rippled steel silver surface polished abstract wallpaper
  • metal texture wave brush wallpaper stainless steel wall photo
  • brushed silver texture metal surface thick line metallic wallpaper
  • sanded metal texture brushed swirl stainless steel photo
  • metal texture large iron door corroded copper stamped photo
  • TextureX rusty metal paint effect rust Texture
  • pitted copper metal texture outdoor fireplace stock photo
  • dark scratched metal texture polished steel table photo
  • iron slab texture metal plate grey polished stock photo
  • rusty metal texture rippled iron steel wall stock photo
  • chain metal texture steel 8 links chains stock photo
  • TextureX rust metal iron steel stock Texture
  • galvanized metal plate texture galvanize dark steel stock photo
  • brushed metal steel texture silver aluminum plate free stock photo
  • hole metal texture computer surface grill silver grey stock photo
  • light brushed metal texture silver platinum stock wallpaper
  • TextureX metal shavings shaving steel table Texture
  • TextureX Rust distorted slimey wet metal plate Texture
  • TextureX metal pipe ripples rust red dirty grungy rusty Texture
  • TextureX rust texture heavy rusted rion steel grunge dirty Texture
  • textureX rusty grungy metal dirty iron scratch urban city Texture
  • TextureX Metal Foil Tube Pipe Stock Texture
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