Free Natural Textures

Plant life, leaves, and other nature inspired texture photos

Nature is an amazing artist, and the best inspiration for any creative desing project. Here you will find high resolution photos of everything natural and organic. From the micro, to the macro, there is nothing more unique.
Nature is beautiful, and its textures come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. From gradient fall colors, to the greens of plant life, and the browns of earth.
If you like our photos, or have used them we would like to hear from you. We appreceate your feedback.

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  • textureX natural vine sand dune plant life flower city Texture
  • textureX red lichen orange growth rock moss xity Texture
  • TextureX white sand texture light ripples beach dune Texture
  • fall leaf texture stock red color green photo tree autumn leaves
  • TextureX dirt rock stone ground dirty rough path walk city Texture
  • sea life texture stock photo image organic plant ocean slimey red white background
  • TextureX rock algae moss macro stone grunge camo city Texture
  • TextureX sand ripple texture beach dune white sandy Texture
  • tree sap texture grunge stock image organic white dried
  • natural tree texture Fall Colors Leaf Orange Autumn Green
  • Tree texture Fall Colors Leaf Orange Autumn
  • nature texture fall tree branch Green Colors Leaf Orange Autumn
  • pond algea texture slime growth lake green plant matter wallpaper background
  • textureX lichen moss algea wood wodden post overgrown color life city Texture
  • pond scum texture stock image brown green gross slimy organic growth
  • natural texture Bright Tree Fall Color Leaf Orange Autumn
  • TextureX sand dune texture ripple wind sandy dirt soft white beach Texture
  • TextureX dark sand texture beach dirt ripples waves light black white Texture
  • TextureX nature wallpaper fall leaf leaves light balance tree branch Texture
  • TextureX Concrete Lime Deposit Alien Landscape Texture
  • TextureX Hanging Garden Bamboo Leaf Walpaper Background Texture
  • TextureX Hybrid Tree Branch Green Leaf Ent Texture

We hope you like these free textures provided by You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. We would love to hear from you. email us at