4 Cool Tips for Making Video From Photos


So you just took a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the world, and you want to show all of your friends. You have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos from your phone and your camera. How do you share your experience with the world without dumping a ton of photos on everyone?

Videos are a great way to share experiences, whether it’s a global journey, a wedding, or simply a weekend getaway with your friends. And thanks to technology, making video from photos is easier than ever.

If you want to turn your collection of photos into an engaging video, you’re at the right place. Read on and learn how to make a video from pictures in no time. 

Choose the Right Program

Before you even start to make a video from pictures, you need to decide what program you’re going to use. While there are quite a few basic websites that can quickly throw together a slideshow from your photos, you’re going to want to use a legit program.

There are a lot of programs out there, ranging from free and basic to pricey and advanced. Using programs like Adobe Spark for turning your images to video makes the process simple and affordable while creating high-quality videos. 

Create a Story

Choosing the right photos for your video is incredibly important. You should go through all your photos and select the ones you want before you go through the process of uploading all of your photos to the program.

Your photos should create a story in order to make an engaging video. Don’t select a bunch of similar photos. Choose multiple photos from different stages of your trip or event to create a story and keep your viewers hooked. 

Add Text (But Not Too Much!)

 Adding a little bit of text to your photo video is a good way to add some important details to your video, but you definitely don’t want to overdo it. 

For example, if you’re making a travel video, add a little text each time your video changes locations, maybe even adding a little map to it as well. If it’s a special event, adding dates and names can add a personal touch to the video. 

Add Music to Your Video

This one of the most important aspects of making a video out of photos, aside from the photos themselves. A video without music can be awkward, and won’t capture the viewer’s attention as well.

If you’re just sharing your video with friends and family, choose whatever music your heart desires. However, if you’re planning on posting the video on YouTube, make sure you use royalty-free music, as YouTube automatically detects copyrighted music and will take it down. 

Other Tips for Making Video From Photos and More

Now that you’re an expert on making video from photos, it’s time to expand your tech knowledge. 

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