How to Use Textures to Make Your Dorm Room Look Bigger

When you first enter your dorm room, you may feel like you are in prison. Empty walls, cold floor, and moody atmosphere may be exceptionally depressing and unpleasant. However, the comfort of your home depends on you. While some students keep living in such an atmosphere, others take maximum advantage of available designer solutions to make a quality transformation.

The first and the most significant problem with the dorm room is its size. Besides, keep in mind that you will not stay there alone. So, make friends with your roommate to get more enthusiasm, strength, and resources for some minor and major changes. Forget about white or gray walls and depressing old furniture and get ready to implement different textures that will make your place look spacious and up-to-date. You will not have spent much money, as some items are DIV, but every little detail may completely transport your room.

It may take some of your time and flexibility in order to make your room look 100% different. Make sure you find the professional help with assignment writing before you immerse yourself into the daunting and challenging process of dorm room maintenance. Start with the major things, proceeding to the nice little details. Combine different textures to visually increase the room and make it more modern. Check out some other ideas that will make your space look bigger and cozier.

Add Light

The common fluorescent lightning that is typical for the dorm rooms will make it look cold and impersonal. Therefore, the first thing you need to do right after you move to a college dorm is to purchase quality lamps and lights that will help you create a homey atmosphere. There is no need to make your room exceptionally bright, but mind that dark colors visually decrease the size of the place.

Buy Mirrors

The moment you have purchased and installed excellent lightning, it is indispensable to get some reflective surface. There is hardly any student, especially a girl, who can live without a nice mirror, which will help you look perfect and will add to the coziness and spaciousness of your room.

Avoid Clutter

Tons of books, personal stuff, clothing, and other little details can make your room look messy. Therefore, it is essential to watch for clutter. Get rid of the unnecessary items, like massive tables, chairs, sofas, and pictures that will make your room look small and old.

Opt for Multifunctional Furniture and Devices

Instead, search for smart furniture that can be successfully used for numerous purposes. The modern market is filled with the diversity of solutions that will help you achieve the desired effect, save space, and still get everything you need for a quality life. Folding beds, multifunctional tables, and chairs will give you an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life in a nice and orderly dorm room.

Create a DIV Art Wall

Dark walls with an unpleasant texture are exactly what makes your dorm room look dreadful. Are you searching for little details that can make your place look optimistic, bright, and positive? Well, a well crafted DIV art wall may become the top choice. Choose your favorite colors, find a template, and start creating a true masterpiece.

Purchase a Quality Bed

Thinking about the way to organize everything in the dorm room, you should not forget about your own comfort. Buy quality items that will make your accommodation a nice place for you to stay. Purchase a nice bed with a quality mattress that will not only suit the interior but will also guarantee a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Get Curtains

The combination of different textures is the best way to make your room look comfortable, cozy, and spacious. Search for nice curtains that will add some texture to the plain walls in your dorm room and make them look way better.

Stick to a Certain Color Palette

While blank walls and one color floor may look depressing, the bright and multicolor items can also be overwhelming. Opt for a certain color palette to stick to it and make little emphasis on important items.

Buy a Rug

Once your walls and ceiling look nice, you need to care for the floor. Make sure it is not only good-looking but also pleasant and warm. Search for an excellent carpet that will add to the overall interior.

It may be challenging for a freshman to make all the fixings and artwork alone. Therefore, you need to make friends with your roommate, multiply your effort and resources to make your accommodation a fantastic place for living, partying, and studying. Search for the professional advice and recommendations in case you cannot cope with the task on your own. Follow up-to-date tendencies and make your room a relaxing and encouraging area.

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