Top 3 Best Photography Lenses You Should Be Using


Do you reach for your smartphone or digital camera to capture the world around you? If you said “smartphone,” you’re in good company. While more people are buying smartphones than cameras these days, there’s nothing that can replace a high-quality DSLR.

If you have a DSLR or plan on buying one, you’ll want to invest in the top camera lenses to up your game. Plus, you want to prove all those digital camera deniers wrong, right? 

Keep reading to find our picks of the three best photography lenses worth investing in. 

1. A Macro Lens

Macro camera lenses are a must-have for any photographer looking to get up close and personal with their subjects. Most photographers use macro lenses for taking detailed close-up shots. A high-quality option will be indispensable for crisp and sharp portraitures of people, however.

Macro lenses are small and light so they’re easy to tote around in almost any camera bag. 

This lens is ideal for product photography. Wedding photographers might use one for capturing details like rings and bouquets.

2. A Telephoto Zoom Lens

Telephoto lenses are one of the top photography lenses for any photographer. These powerful lenses allow you to capture images of subjects that are far away. 

Wildlife photographers use telephoto lenses to get closer to the subjects of their images. Would you want to be a few feet away from a bear or moose? Us either! T

Telephoto lenses come in three categories — short, medium, or super.

Short options are great for everyday use as they’re lighter and more compact. Medium lenses are longer and heavier which may make handheld shooting difficult. Super options provide telescope-like magnification and will need to be mounted on a tripod for use.

One of the unique features of telephoto lenses is that they can affect the size of your subject to its background. Take a mountain and cityscape image, for example. A telephoto lens will allow a distant mountain to appear much bigger as if it’s looming right behind the cityscape. 

This quality makes telephoto lenses perfect for people capturing nature or cityscapes. If you fall into this category, check out art prints at Garsha18 Photography for inspiration. 

3. A Wide Angle Lens

New photographers often confuse wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Wide-angles allow a wider angle of view, allowing you to fit more in your image than would be possible with other lenses. 

These lenses are perfect for several uses. Real estate photographers often shoot in wide-angle to show more of the room in one image. 

You can use them to take group shots or selfies to ensure no one is getting cut out. 

Outdoor architecture photographers often use wide-angle lenses for more dramatic images. 

Fish-eye lenses are a type of wide-angle that are great for creating artistic shots. Fish-eye lenses distort the peripheral of the image which can be pleasing to the eye in the right circumstances. 

One Can Never Have Too Many Photography Lenses

The photography lenses you choose will depend upon what type of photos you plan on taking. Before you drop thousands of dollars on lenses, decide what area of photography you plan to focus on. 

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